Monday, August 4, 2008

Our new Wii room

Our playroom was previously an unused space. It was full of toys and books, but we never really played in there. It's pretty small acutally. So my step-dad went to an auction this weekend and came home with a 27" TV for us! We had to utilize it someway!
So we turned the playroom from this:

Into this:
We took the unused (new even) Little Tykes Foosball Table and turned it sideways and put the TV on top of it. Then we moved the tool bench and tools to the right of that, and the small dresser to the left and put the Wii on it. The small recliner is now the best seat in the room (if your under 4' tall)! Then we bought 3 small stools at Wal-mart that fold up so we can seat more people if we need to. It's been really nice so far! I love it!!!

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